Vastu Principles

  1. What is Vastu
  2. Directions
  3. Selection of Plot
  4. Division of Direction
  5. Central Area
  6. Building Shape
  7. Beneficial Plot / Building
  8. Place of Members
  9. Construction Rules
  10. New Building construction
  11. Compound Wall
  12. Prayer Room
  13. Boring / Underground Tank
  14. Main Entrance / Door
  15. Main door with Stairs
  16. Movement through doors
  17. Stair case & Mumty
  18. Kitchen
  19. Toilet
  20. Septic Tank
  21. Plinth Levlel / Drainage
  22. Flooring / Road Level
  23. Platform
  24. Basement
  25. Loft / Almirah
  26. Megazine Floor / Duplex House
  27. Shaft / Duct / Open Area
  28. How corner Extends / Cut
  29. Balcony
  30. Balcony in apartments
  31. Balcony Construction
  32. Electric Wire / Rope
  33. Corner Extension / cut
  34. Roof Slab / Lenter
  35. Low Level of Terrace
  36. High Level of Terrace
  37. Over Head Water Tank
  38. Construction on Terrace
  39. Terrace Shape
  40. Effect on rooms due to construction on terrace
  41. Construction / Ditch at corners
  42. Parapet Wall / Railling
  43. Flag Post / Antenna / Pillar / Board / Hording
  44. Street Thrust
  45. Basement / Ditch in neighborhood
  46. Neighborhood building's height
  47. Energy from Neighbor's Residence
  48. Effect on Flats in apartment complexes
  49. Know Vastu defects by Sun
  50. Example : Building Maps

Sequence of Construction

  1. Plot may be regular or skewed, digging for foundation should start always from NorthEast and proceed towards NorthWest & SouthEast simultaneously. Further form NorthWest & SouthEast start simultaneously towards SouthWest.
  2. Bhumipuja (prayer prior to start of construction) is done in NorthEast only. There after dig water tank / well / bore well towards East / North / NorthEast. While doing so ensure that the prayer place is towards SouthWest.
  3. For foundation work start from SouthWest and proceed simultaneously towards NorthWest & SouthEast. Further on proceed simultaneously from NorhWest & SouthEast towards NorthEast.
  4. Even while building the walls, the sequence of foundation construction only should be followed. Due care be taken such that at the end of the day, Eastern, NorthEastern and Northern walls are not higher than Western, SouthWestern and Southern walls. Nor thicker either.
  5. Frontage/verandah/each room - their floor level shall be such that while cleaning the same drain water flows from West, SouthWest & South side towards East, NorthEast & North side only. Or else their may not be any slope on the flooring either. Care should be taken that at no time East, NorthEast & North are higher in level that West, SouthWest & South.
  6. Bulk construction material (cement, bricks, stone, steal etc.) are located towards West, SouthWest or South only. Ensure that no material is stored towards East, NorthEast & North (even in the neighbor's plot). If possible material may be stored on the other side of the road even. These should not be stacked adjoining the plot.
  7. While making slope in the building/ bedroom care be taken such that SouthWest side is highest in level, SouthEast is lower than SouthWest, NorthWest is lower than SouthEast and NorthEast as the lowest. As example if SouthWest is 1 foot high, SouthEast be 10 inches, NorthWest be 8 inches and NorthEast 6 inches.