1. Aaj Itwar hai Chuhe ki Barat Hai
  2. Aaloo Bola Mujhko Kha Lo
  3. Aa Re Badal Kale Badal
  4. Aalo Kachalo Beta Kaha Gaye The
  5. Akbar Birbal
  6. Aasman me Timtim Tare Chanda Mama Sabse Pyare
  7. Aha Tamatar
  8. Videos Ali Baba Chalis Chor
  9. Kale Badal Karte Shor Dekho Nach Raha hai Mor
  10. Bal Geet
  11. Banda Mama Pahan Pajama
  12. Beauty And The Beast
  13. Billi Mosi Billi Mosi Kaho Kaha Se Aai Ho
  14. Bloomers Dale All In One
  15. CCE Sanskaran Srajan
  16. Chanda Mama Sabse Pyare
  17. Choohe ki Barat Saji Thi Aaye Sabhi Barati
  18. Chuhiya Ji ne Chasma Paya
  19. Chuk Chuk Karti
  20. Chu Chu Karti Aai Chidiyan
  21. Chu Chu Chacha Ghadi me Chuha Nacha
  22. Choti si motor ke andar aa baithe hain bhaloo bandar
  23. Choti si Munni
  24. Dekho ek Dakia Aaya
  25. Edewcate Hindi Rhymes Collection
  26. Hathi Raja Bahut Bhale Sood Hilate Kaha Chale
  27. Lala Ji ne Kela Khaya
  28. Learn and Play
  29. Learning Math
  30. LKG Computer
  31. Meri Billi Kali Pili
  32. Nani Nani Suno Kahani
  33. Nursery Rhymes and Animated Song
  34. Pani Barsa Cham Cham Cham
  35. Rhymes for UKG Kids
  36. Sadak Bani hai Lambi Chaudi
  37. Sari Dunia Gol
  38. Science Experiments
  39. Tenaliram Animated Story
  40. Upar Pankha Chalta Hai
  41. Wonders Of The World


Ali Baba Chalish Chor

Ali Baba Chalis Chor is a story of Ali Baba and his struggle with 40 Thefts. This is a animated video.


Bal Geet

Bal Geet a very useful to increase the IQ of kids. Here get the animated videos of songs for Kids.


Beauty And The Beast

Beauty and the Beast story is very useful to increase the IQ of kids.


Edewcate Hindi Rhymes Collection

A collection of 10 of the most popular Hindi nursery rhymes for kids.


Akbar Birbal

Akbar Birbal stories have always been an integral part of India's heritage. The witty stories of Akbar and Birbal have always made us laugh and also taught us valuable life lessons. these witty stories from our collection below and have fun! During the reign of Akbar and close to the end of it, local folk tales of his interaction with his advisor Birbal became popular. The stories emphasise on Birbal's wit. He was an extremely clever and smart person who was quick to find solutions to challenges. The challenges and their solutions made for a good collection of stories aptly told across generations as 'Akbar Birbal stories.' The stories of Akbar and Birbal that we have comprise a series of witty and humorous accounts of situations Birbal had to deal with. These stories have also been been depicted through cartoons, plays and short films time and again. Modern scholars and even accounts from other courtiers in Akbar's court substantiate the intelligence of Birbal. Such was his influence over one of the greatest kings to have ruled India, that when he died, Akbar fasted for two days and mourned his death. We at KidRhymes, intend to make children aware of the stories of Akbar and Birbal, the legendary duo. The stories have a moral that will help instill values in your child. Our history has a lot to teach us and so do these legends. Let your child marvel at the past to enrich his or her future. Also, don't forget to share these Akbar Birbal stories with your friends using the share buttons given at the top.